City of Ontario Fixed Route Passenger Rules

Please bring exact change for the fare; drivers do not make change.

No smoking.

Securement of mobility devices is required.

Oxygen is allowed – only portable tanks, please.

Service animals are allowed and must be in the control of the user. Service animals are trained to provide a specific service. No pets and comfort animals.

Eating or drinking on the bus is prohibited with the exception of secured water bottles.

Radios, IPODs, Phones and other electrical devices are allowed with headsets.

Noise level cannot disrupt other passengers.

Passengers must cover and contain body fluids to prevent seepage and spills.

The number of packages allowed on the bus is limited to the amount the passenger can secure at their seat.

Passengers must not disrupt and or harass the operations of the bus including distracting the driver – this is a strict safety requirement. Drivers will radio Dispatch and if needed will call 911 in cases of serious disruptions and potentially illegal activities.

Failure to following the passenger rules may result in a suspension of service.


These examples serve as representative illustrations of conduct and behavior that is potentially within the scope of the Service Suspension Policy and should be evaluated according to that policy’s requirements.

1. Violent:

Physical actions toward operators or other passengers, such as striking, biting, kicking, and spitting.

Abusive language (unrelated to a person’s disability) to driver or other passengers.

Causing damage to vehicles (tearing seats, breaking windows, breaking seatbelts, removing or disabling equipment, and similar conduct).

2. Seriously Disruptive:

Isolated instances or a demonstrated pattern of causing damage to vehicles, such tearing seats, breaking windows, breaking seatbelts, removing or disabling equipment, and similar conduct.

Refusal to use seat belts.

Communicable disease issue, such as body fluids that come into contact with bus surfaces or other passengers.

Further information about SRT-Malheur Express Service’s policy and procedures contact:

Transportation Manager or the Deputy Director for Malheur Express at 541-881-0000.